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Gregory Laufer

Reading Program

It is said the classics never die!

I tend to agree. 

Do you love reading as much as I do? A good book is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Sometimes I think, "I sure would love to read ### again." Maybe it was a book from high school that had an impact on me. Perhaps it is a classic that I have read many times before. It could be something I started reading and never finished. If you like classic literature too you are going to love what I have to show you in this blog post. 

Summer Reading

The other day I was reading through some Facebook groups I belong to and found some links to some amazing sites that I never knew existed. I am sure if you take a look at them you will be impressed too. The first one if from on online resource that has published 56,000 classic works of literature. I saw items in there from when I was a kid. (I guess that tells you how old I am...) I saw classics like Allice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and Oliver Twist. I also saw The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I thought that one looked really interesting. You can get lost just looking through the titles, but with one click you can also be reading the whole text of the book. 

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The Summer Reading Program is for students in Grades PK-8th. We offer reading packs for both mainstream classroom and advanced students.


The second site is for classic children's books. I saw Grimms Fairy Tales, Robinson Crusoe, Poniccoho, and Peter Rabbit. The best part of this site is the way the books they have their original cover. It gives the book a whole new feel.

I was very impressing with both whole sites. 

Although I think the sites are VERY good resources for both children and adults I also believe there is no substitute for having a good book in hand. There is just something about the smell and feel of the book to bring the pages to life. We believe that having a book in hand is important for all children. That is why we are sharing these sites for free. We want kids to become excited about reading no matter if it is a physical book or an e-reader, but I also think building an at home library for children is very important as well. 

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