The Summer Reading Program 2018
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<p>Summer Reading Program for Gifted and Talented Students – <strong>LEVEL 2</strong>

Summer Reading Program for Gifted and Talented Students – LEVEL 2

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Summer Reading Program for Gifted and Talented Students – LEVEL 2- 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

 If you’re the parent of a gifted and talented student who reads above grade level, you may want to begin the summer with a set of books geared to their ability and interest level. Gifted students are blessed with endless curiosity and they will read when books challenge them. They love books that tap into their imaginations and spark their curiosity. 

How do you find such a program? Look no further! Adventures in Learning has created a set of books that G/T students will love reading. Choose any level of books that match your child’s ability and curiosity. A second grader can easily be reading at a fourth-grade level or above. A 5th grader may have interests of a much older student. Perhaps your kindergartener impresses you at how advanced they can read.

How to choose? Our reading lists have been created by level instead of the grade. Feel free to look through books in each level and choose one that you feel is appropriate for your child. Here is how to start: A Level 1 book set has been created for 1st-grade gifted readers. Your child may be reading at a higher level. Please look at our level 2 and/or our level 3 books to see if it is a better match for where your child is reading. 

Their interest level can also be different than their age as well. As you move up the levels, you will find that not only does the reading level increase but also the interest level. It is possible your child may be bored or tired of reading books their peers are reading. Look through a higher level to pick something that your child might like better.

Here are the 8 books that come in this level.

Book 1 – The Wild Ones - 9780399170997

Book 2 – Time Stoppers - 9781681194370 

Book 3 – Where is the Amazon -  9780448488264

Book 4 – Rider Woofson: Something Smells Fishy - 9781481457422

Book 5 – Thursdays with the Crown - 9781619637962

Book 6 – Pinocchio - 9781609926625

Book 7 – The Pirate Who is Back in Bunny Slippers -  9780062313898

Book 8 – Guinness World Records: Body Records - 9780062341754

The Backpacks will include the 8 titles listed above. If a title is unavailable from the publisher, AIL reserved the right to substitute the book with one of comparable interest and reading ability.


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