The Summer Reading Program 2018
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<p>Summer Reading Backpack Program – <strong>LEVEL K</strong> - Kindergarten Pack

Summer Reading Backpack Program – LEVEL K - Kindergarten Pack

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Summer Reading Program – LEVEL K - Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

We have all heard about the ‘summer slide’ in students during summer vacation. When they start back to school in the fall and it seems as if they forgot everything they learned the year before. The term ‘summer slide’ means everything they need to relearn when school starts. It can be frustrating as a teacher and parent because of feeling like students are going backward instead of forward!

We bet you are thinking, “How can I prevent the summer slide?” Well here are a few items we suggest to set-up students for success before they go on summer break.

  • This program provides a summer reading log for students to track their progress in the summer months.
  • We provide a summer book resource for parents. Parents can choose a reading level that best fits where their children are at the end of the school year.
  • We provide a writing journal and activity book for students to complete. The journal includes games, activities, and projects for the students to complete with each book they read.
  • Choose a level that contains books that are of high interest to your child to get them excited about reading.  
  • The pack "Level" corresponds to the grade level your child is entering. A Level 1 pack is appropriate for most students entering 1st grade.  A Level 3 pack would be for most 3rd Graders. Your child may be an advanced reader or a struggling reader. Feel free to review the books in each pack to choose a level that is most appropriate for your child's reading ability. If your child is reading at more then 1 grade above the grade they are entering, check-out our "Gifted Reading Packs." Your child might like the content and reading ability in those packs as well. Simply "SEARCH" Gifted Reading Packs to see what we have to offer. 

Attention Parents! Classroom teachers will thank you next school year!

Here are the books that come in the Early Reader Pack.

Book 1 – Second Banana - 9781596438835

Book 2 –  Home Tweet Home - 9780375973512

Book 3 – Daniel's First Fireworks - 9781481460538

Book 4 – I Am Peter (Peter Rabbit Animation) - 9780141350066

Book 5 – The Amazing Hamweenie Escapes! - 9780399256899

Book 6 – Brothers - 9780887769221

Book 7 – PJMasks - Save the Day -  9781481486453

Book 8 – Room on the Broom - 9780142501122

The Backpacks will include 6 of the 8 titles listed above. If a title is unavailable from the publisher, AIL reserved the right to substitute the book with one of comparable interest and reading ability.  

See a sample of the Summer Reading Activity Book –

Learn More the "Summer Slide"

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